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SERIES 5 Systems

Maximize your team’s productivity in difficult industrial environments with EARMARK's Series 5 Headsets. The Series 5 is a portable radio system built into noise reducing headsets. EARMARK Series 5 radios provide the flexibility, performance, durability and light-weight solution within the EARMARK family.

SERIES 5 Headset
  • Up to 10 channels can be pre-programmed into the Series 5 giving you added flexibility with your team.  

  • The voice activated / hands free operation along with EARMARK's fully articulated noise canceling boom microphone is designed for real world job-sites and ease of use.  

  • Switching from Voice Operated Switch (VOX) to Live Mic or Push To Talk (PTT) is simple with the MODE switch.

  • Three year warranty

  • Stand alone or hard hat mount.

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29

  • Range, up to ¼ mile, line of sight

  • Water Resistant

  • Customize your communication network.  Each communication system can be tailored to maximize the efficiency of your team   

  • Simplex (one person speaks at a time)

    • LW-26​ Model 

  • Duplex (simultaneous conversation)

  • Half-Duplex (supervisor speaks / overrides team members, speak one at a time)

  • Rechargeable batteries will last up to 12 hours in full Duplex mode

  • Compatible with Series 4 headsets, Belt-Pak and base stations

  • 10 pre-programmed channels can be easily changed

  • A toggle switch selects the operating mode: either VOX or Continuous Live Microphone, with a separate push to talk (PTT) switch being provided for VOX override

  • Sealed switch controls ON/OFF/ VOLUME and can be operated with a gloved hand

  • Battery Condition Indicator Light, Audible signal when batteries are low

  • Earcups constructed of high performance ABS plastic

  • Adjustable headband, Hypo-allergenic earmuff

  • Weight:                    20 oz. (567 grams)

  • Headband:              Slip restraints, over or behind the Head mounting

  • Antennas:                External custom tuned

  • Power supply:         3.6V NiMh internal rechargable battery system /                                       1800 mAh

  • Microphone:            10 kohm noise reduction electret

  • Transmit power:      200 mW Simplex, 100 mW all other modes

  • Bandwidth:              72-76 MHz, custom frequencies available upon                                        request

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