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Increase your team's speed, efficiency and safety with EARMARK's Valcomm900 series headsets. Engineered for simple operation with EARMARK’s proven superior audio circuitry, the ValComm900 provides durable communications with the quality you expect from EARMARK.  This radio headset provides performance, durability, comfort and value while providing a substantial ROI by decreasing work hours and streamlining communication at the job-site.

  • Turn on and go, no base or paring. 

  • With two sets of control options Live Mic / Push To Talk (PTT) the MODE switch allows you to select the best way for your team communicates. 

  • The fully articulating noise canceling electret boom microphone is easy to use and rugged enough to withstand intense use.

EARMARK VALCOMM900 Radio Headset, Peltor, 3m, Sonetics, Eartec, TCIA, Arborists, Work Boat, No Base Needed, Turn on and Go, 900 MHz, Aircraft Maintenance, AMXS
  • One year warranty

  • 16 User selectable channels are easy to change

  • Stand alone or hard hat mount

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 26

  • Range, up to 150 yards, line of sight

  • Water Resistant

  • Internal Antenna

  • Base station option available for intercom interface

  • The Mode switch selects the operating mode: Continuous Live Microphone /Push To Talk (PTT)

  • Sealed switch controls ON/OFF/ VOLUME

  • Battery Condition Indicator Light 

  • Audible battery (low) warning

  • Earcups constructed of "T" grade ABS plastic

  • Internal Rechargeable Batteries

  • 100% Field serviceable microphone / boom

  • Weight:                 

    • 19 oz

  • Headband:            

    • Side suspension

  • Antenna:                

    • Internal - not visible

  • Accessories:         

    • 6V @ 500mA charger

  • Power supply:       

    • 3 internal 1800mAh rechargeable batteries

  • Microphone:         

    • 10 kohm noise reduction electret

  • Transmit power:   

    • 1 mW

  • Bandwidth             

    • 902-928 MHz

  • Warranty               

    • 12 months

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