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LOUDMOUTH solves your local communications problems with a simple, remarkably durable, and easy to use package while outputting up to 125 dB of sound energy.  A unique and powerful voice amplifier which is engineered to provide clear, hands-free communication for people wearing SCBA’s or respirators in Hazmat applications. The throat microphone is comfortable and compatible with any face mask.  Listed by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to help reduce injuries and improve safety. 

  • 12hr duty cycle

  • One year warranty

  • MSHA 9B approval

  • Water Resistant

  • Sealed switch controls ON/OFF/ VOLUME.

  • Housing Watertight, Polycarbonate, can be decontaminated

  • Battery Chamber Sealed, watertight enclosure

  • Electret Throat Microphone (THR-3)with high flex connecting cord

  • Attachment Self-locking, stainless steel belt clip and Turn-Out coat clip

  • Controls Large, rotary and slide switches for gloved hand operation

  • Mic Connector Coaxial mini-UHF, options available

  • Audio Output:  

    • Up to 125 dB, spl at the speaker face; 95 dB at 3 meters

  • Weight:             

    • 318 g without battery

  • Dimensions:     

    • Height 132 mm, Width 97mm. Depth 38 mm

  • Power Supply:  

    • 9 Volt alkaline battery, NEDA 1604A

voice amplification, SCBA, respirator, Hazmat, 3M, communication, throat mic, ear bud, MSHA
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